At Organico Juice Bar & Cafe, we believe you are only what you digest, and the age-old adage that "you are what you eat," is just not true. With this philosophy in mind, we have fathered fresh, juiced to order, organic, customer specific (dosha) juicing detox and cleansing programs. We really understand that a healthy mind, body, and spirit comes from the inside out and healing happens naturally via a fresh...whole food plant-based diet. From this belief, we are proud to offer 4 distinct raw food, organic juice cleanses; 1-Day Cleanse, 3-Day Cleanse, 5-Day Cleanse, and our signature 21-Day Detox. Each program is created to suit not only your goals, but your unique body constitution as well. All of our detoxes and cleanses are prepared with pure organic ingredients.  All of the juice and food is: raw (unheated), organic (no chemicals added), vegan (no animal by-products).

There are two simple ways to get started on the cleanse or detox which best suits you;



No matter which option is best for you, all of our cleanse and detoxes are client specific and goal oriented.

You simply choose your cleanse and method which best suits your needs, sip & enjoy, and allow the magic of your body to take care of the rest...It's just that Simple!

Have you had your wheat grass shot today...?

One Day Detox

Three Day Detox

Looking for a quick re-boot? Then choose our 1-Day Signature Cleanse and fill your body with vital nutrients as watch your energy level soar! All liquid, fresh pressed, juiced to order!

Our 1-day cleanse is a dive into pure liquid enjoyment! Experience all the benefits of pure, energized food in the shortest amount of time. Our customized juices not only taste fantastic, but they drench the body with pure hydration along with the highest quality nutrition available (on a per-calorie basis).


This program allows you mental and physical relief from the preparation and digestion of food! By giving your body digestive rest, the many physiological repair mechanisms of the body have more energy to clean house. Great for a "quick" cleaning after your weekend spent indulging at mom's or Thanksgiving at grandma's!

Our 3-Day Signature Cleanse is a gentle, but more comprehensive cleanse than the 1-Day Cleanse. It's a great starting point to acclimate your body to nutrient-dense, plant-based & fruit based detox, while allowing you to feel full and satiated.

This cleanse is for someone who hasn't cleansed in a while, or for someone new to juicing and cleansing living with foods.

Our fresh, raw, plant & fruit-based, juice cleanses are truly designed with you in mind! You'll be presented with a combination of juices which are freshly prepared based on your goals, dosha, and health challenges. Watch each day as a new adventure unfolds.

Five Day Cleanse

21 Day Cleanse

Our 21-Day Signature Detox  is our flagship detoxing program. It is designed to pull the toxins (ama) from the tissues of your body, completely flush them from your system, riding them from your body once and for all! The specific nature of this comprehensive program restores your body's natural digestive state, making it effortless once you return to eating a diet based on more whole foods.

Don't worry...on this program you will not be consuming only juices for 21 days. This program incorporates the benefits of freshly prepared juices and super-food smoothies, as well as dosha specific soups and whole food recipes. The natural progression of this program fully detoxes your system, restores your digestion to perform optimally by gradually introducing the proper foods.

We have so many clients who have had astounding success with this program...start today and you'll be our next success story!

Our 5-Day Signature Detox triggers your body to cleanse and gently detox, and, yes lose some serious baggage in the process. After you've finished and experienced this full body detox, your body will be digesting optimally, you'll be rid of toxins (ama), your mind will have greater clarity, and you'll be able to lose or maintain weight effortlessly!

This detox is for someone who has been, well, neglecting themselves. Someone who needs a structured program, but at the same time is too busy to create, buy, and juice wholesome foods. If you're someone who has tried it all and are still discouraged...then you need not look any further!

This cleanse is one of our more comprehensive cleanses. It is more structured and more involved than our 1 & 3-Day Cleanses, but with all the same ease, taste, and convenience. Consult one of our Cleansing Counselors to see if our 5-Day Detox is right for you!

All of our detoxes and cleanses come with a compliemntary dosha assesment.


Note; we use organic produce when available. Unfortunately, certain organic produce is not available throughout the year, substitutions may be used. Prices and menu will reflect any changes.